Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Bring your ideas to life with compelling videos and animations. Our skilled team creates captivating visuals that inspire your audience.

A TV commercial produced by us for SCOPE Cinemas Multiplex – CCC. This spotlights their groundbreaking features, including being home to Sri Lanka’s first Dolby Atmos & 4K projection screen, top-notch cinema tech, deluxe seating, and world-class service, making it the ultimate destination for movie lovers.

We created a compelling video to promote SCOPE Cinemas’ campaign to revive the SCOPE Privilege REWARDS Card. This video serves as a persuasive tool, encouraging people to become SCOPE Cinemas Privilege Members and enjoy the exclusive benefits of the program.”

This Instagram reel captures our client HANA’s debut clothing lineup as part of their photoshoot, and helped them stand out from the crowd.

To ignite the excitement of adventure seekers, we conceived a thrilling video that vividly portrays the exceptional services provided by AdrenalineLK.

We bring websites to life through animated previews, simplifying navigation and providing an interactive experience for effortless user guidance.


To showcase our debut ZEPP RECORDS T-shirt lineup, we’ve animated some eye-catching teasers featuring the aesthetic designs for both our Signature Collection and Limited Edition T-shirts.

We crafted an enchanting animated short, meticulously designed to promote SCOPE Cinemas’ Yearbook planner in a visually engaging presentation.