serendipity, serenity, surprise all clichés are up for kindling, as you shake yourself to consciousness only a few minutes out of the rush and crush of the city, and suddenly find yourself percolating in a cool blue swimming pool as florets twirl and fall from spreading mahogany and gamboge trees, staring out at the long curved horns and exquisite rears of languid buffaloes as they ruminate and chew on the recently harvested remains of Jomo's organic rice fields. In the near distance, across a jigsaw pastiche of emerald fields, the mists of Talangama lake rise backgrounding lovers as they walk hand in hand from three-wheelers finally at rest parked next to each other like mating ladybirds. Seemingly far away, as if to remind you are still in the city, is somnolent suburbia itself, the tv towers talking to themselves, midst gentle undulating hills mimicking breasts eager to kiss the blue skies....

Monkeys traipse the branches above and monitor lizards patrol the trickling stream below. Avian delights fly in to perch and charm you. The electrifying dramaturgy of Laki Senanayake’s sculptures evokes memories of tenderfeet in bellicose enclasping or amorous intrigue to remind that history is always at hand... Behind and rising nondescriptly above are four pleasingly tanned pine cabins all the way from Siberian forests, devised by Chinese ingenuity, and reassembled to offer a rustic hearth to retire to after a cooling bath, midst the shades of cinnamon, areca nut, clove, gamboge, jak, breadfruit, and other verdant verdure. .

Less than an hour away from the easier-to-return-to bustle of Colombo, sleep sweetly to the hooting of owls and choir of frogs and crickets. And awake refreshed to a homemade breakfast of roti, dhosai, or eggs and toast... A perfect getaway so close to the city...


4 Pine Wood Cabins. Each cabin built on a 12 foot high deck with a beautiful view of paddy fields. Each cabin has a deck in front, balcony, bedroom, living room, small pantry and toilet.


Air Conditioning, Refrigerator in each cabin, Tea/Coffee making facilities, Wi-Fi


Swimming Pool, Table Tennis, Basket Ball Stand, Bicycles, Large lounging areas, Benches, Laundry Service


966/2 Pothuarawa Road, Malabe, Talangama North

35 kms from Katunayake airport. 2 kms to Pelawatte Town and 1km to Malabe town where access to all major super markets and shopping malls like Odel, Cool Planet, Shades, available together with restaurants.


Talangama Lake/Bird Sanctuary, Parliament on Diyawanna Oya (lake), Surrounded by Paddy fields.

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